Live Broadcasts

Pioneer Football and the Coach Abendschan Show

Each week during the season we broadcast the games live from the stadium (home or away). On Tuesday night catch the Coach Abendschan Show live from Pioneer Stadium. We talk to the Coach about the previous weeks game, the upcoming game and then go one on one with a student athlete. 

Your broadcast crew:

Play-by-Play: Jim Howard

Color Commentary: Steve Collier

Stats: James Anderson

Field Photographer: Sandi Howard

The Coach Abendschan Show is hosted by Jim Howard and Coach John Abendschan weekly during the season.


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Meet the broadcast team

Play-by-Play Announcer Jim Howard

Known as the voice of the Boswell Pioneers, Jim is the founder of Jim worked as a sports writer for the Northewest Tarrant County Times-Record from 2006 to 2009. He began broadcasting Pioneer football as a color commentator along side legendary broadcaster David Walker back in 2006. Jim took over play-by-play after the departure of Dallas Junior Stars Hocky Announcer Clif Foster. Jim is also the PA Announcer for Pioneer Baseball and is a member of the EMS-ISD Hall of Fame Committee.  Jim works full time for the EMS-ISD.

Color Commentary Steve Collier

Steve joined the broadcast crew in 2014 as our "wacky" color commentator. He also spent a couple of seasons on the helmet crew and really defined the job of blowing the horn.  Steve works full time at BNSF and along with his wife Rhonda  have two children. Zac and Rachel Collier are proud Boswell Alumni.

Statistician James Anderson

James joined the crew during the 2017 season and has operated the board as well as dictate stats during football. James has a son who is  a wide receiver for the Pioneers. James works for the City of Fort Worth full time. 

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